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LearnWithTutors Privacy Policy

If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions you should immediately cease to use the website. Please note that we may close, suspend, or limit your access to your LearnWithTutors’s account ("Account") or the Services provided by us on the Site ("Services"), and/or limit/cease access to your funds if you carry out activities which are in contravention of this User Agreement and its associated policies incorporated by reference

1. Changes to Terms of Use

LearnWithTutors reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice to you, to change these Terms of Use / Terms of Conditions in our sole and absolute discretion. The most current version of these Terms can be reviewed by clicking on the "Terms of Use" located at the bottom of the home page of the LearnWithTutors Website. The most current version of the Terms of Use will supersede all previous versions. Any such modifications will become effective immediately upon posting to the site and your continued use of the site, Services and/or Software constitutes your agreement to be bound by such changes. The terms may be modified as frequently as desired, and at the company's sole and absolute discretion. You are advised to regularly visit the “Terms of Use” page to keep yourself updated with our Terms and Conditions to avoid any breach.

2. Modifications to the Service

LearnWithTutors may add, change or eliminate features, pricing, nomenclature and other aspects of the Services and make other changes at any time and these Terms will continue to apply to the Services as modified. The Company reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the site or the Services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that the Company will not be liable to you or to any third party for any such modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the site or the Services. The modifications may be modified as frequently as desired, and at the company's sole discretion.

3. Must be over 18

You must be 18 years of age or older to make online payments at LearnWithTutors. If you are under 18 you must do the same under supervision of guardian or adult.

4. Registration

To use website, you will need to register on the site and obtain an account, with your email ID, your user-name and a password, which you can change from your profile. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account(s), and password(s) and for all activities and liabilities associated with or occurring under your account(s), and password(s). You agree that:

(a) information about yourself that you provide will be true, accurate, current and complete (such information being "Your Data") (b) you will maintain and promptly update Your Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete (c) you will not use the site, the Services or the Company’s Content to recruit, solicit, or contact in any form subject level experts or potential Customers for employment or contracting for a business not affiliated with us without our advance written permission or authority.

5. Permission of the applicable Trademark owner

We aggressively enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. You shall not use the Trademarks in any way without our prior written permission.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Upon registration, and after making the payment, the Course booking between the Tutor and the Student is considered confirmed and the Terms and Conditions are binding.

  1. The tutor and the student will have 5 days known as ‘Demo Period’ to engage in a single session from either of the following options:
  • A Demo session
  • 1 full tuition session of 1 class duration
  • An interview session with the student including the parents

In the 5 day Demo Period if the student and tutor agree to go ahead with the booking, the booking will be considered closed and the applicable Course Fees will be transferred to the Tutor after the Demo Period has ended. LearnWithTutors will not provide any refunds after this point. 

  1. Within the 5 day Demo period if the tutor or student decide to cancel the booking due to a mismatch or some other reason which is not in violation of the ‘Terms of Use’ and this agreement, the student will have to put this via email to, after which he/she will be directed to the next best tutor match through the LearnWithTutors system and the same ‘Demo Period’ will apply. If no email is received within the 5 day Demo period it will be assumed that the student has agreed to go ahead with the selected booking, and no refunds will be provided herefter. If the student is unhappy with any of the tutors after being matched with them through the LearnWithTutors system, and has communicated this via email to LearnWithTutors, then the student will be entitled to 100% refund of the fees paid at the end of the respective 5 day demo period.


  1. If the student and tutor decide at a later date after the 5 day Demo period, or in the middle of the course duration, that they wish to discontinue, LearnWithTutors will not be liable to pay either party any refund in part or full and any refund settlement discussion will be the sole matter and responsibility of the tutor and student to decide among themselves without any intervention by LearnWithTutors.


Featured Tutors List, Tutor Matching and Booking Policy

The list of the Featured Tutors on the homepage of the website is a list of the most desirable tutors based on their matching criteria, at that point of time. This list will keep changing from time to time, but is in no way an indication of an endorsement of those tutors by LearnWithTutors.

It simply means that those tutors are being matched with more students than their peers. It solely the tutors’ responsibility to manage their skill and update their profile to improve their offerings, if they wish to make themselves a better match for a larger pool of students and possibly find a place on the Top Tutors list.


Tutor Matching System:

  1. Every student will be shown their 3 best tutor matches on a scale of 0-100% for each subject on their ‘Dashboard’ after logging in, on the basis of their inputs including but not limited to:
  • Academic Information
  • Personality Information
  • Tuition objective and criteria
  • Mode of teaching required
  • Study aids required


The best tutor matches are the ideal matches for every student given the current student path and the goal required to be achieved by the tutor. 


  1. For each of the 3 tutors, the student will be shown a detailed profile card with additional information to help decide the ideal tutor
  2. Once decided the student will click on the ‘Request a Booking’ link for the selected tutor
  3. A notification will reach the tutor and tutor will have a limited time to confirm or reject the booking based on availability
  4. Once the tutor confirms the student will receive a detailed email with the course details and the payment link to complete the booking
  5. Once the payment is made the booking is confirmed and the 5 day ‘Demo Period’ begins


Payment Information

By completing your registration for a course and making payment of the fees, you agree to the terms and conditions. You have the right to cancel your booking pursuant to the Cancellation and Refund policy.

I. Students' Fee Payment Mechanism

1. The students are required to make payment only through LearnWithTutors Payment system 

Different modes of payment that can be used to pay to LearnWithTutors:

  1. Pay using Net banking
  2. Pay using Credit or Debit Card
  3. Pay using UPI


2. Prior to each class being given, the student has on file with LearnWithTutors a valid form of payment

This includes a valid credit/debit card or RazorPay account, or UPI account. After selection of the tutor and demo class, if required, is taken the students selects the package and shall make the payments at the beginning for the package he/she chooses. The requirement to verify payment information must be followed for continuing students as well as new students.


II. Tutor payment policies

By registering as a tutor with LearnWithTutors ("the website," "website," ""), you (“tutor”) agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through LearnWithTutors’s system.

Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student class

LearnWithTutors helps in bringing together those seeking tutoring services with those who seek to provide tutoring services. LearnWithTutors also provides a service to its users, whereby the payments will be distributed to tutors originated from their students. LearnWithTutors offers tutors and students a layer of protection in the collection of their funds in the form of a 5 day ‘Demo Period’, during which LearnWithTutors will hold the tutor fees, and if the student and tutor agree to continue the booking, LearnWithTutors will transfer the tutor fees as per the course structure to the tutor at the end of the Demo Period.

If any of the following conditions arise and LearnWithTutors becomes unable to collect your payment from the student, or other type of account-holder (collectively, "student") to whom you gave a class, LearnWithTutors cannot guarantee that your payment will be successfully collected, processed and distributed to you:

1. The Demo Period has resulted in a cancellation of the booking

2. The tutor has not taken either of the following sessions during the Demo Period

  1. Demo Session
  2. 1 Tuition class session
  3. Interview session

and the 5 day period has ended making the student withdraw the booking

3. The tutor's services are not instructive and do not constitute learning, and involve cheating. Further, the services that the tutor offers violate the academic honesty policy or other conduct policies of the student's school, university, academic institution or workplace.

4. The tutor collects or requests payment directly from the student by cash, cheque or otherwise, for the class. Payment to tutors will be made through online mode only and only via LearnWithTutors.

Timing and delivery of payments:

If all the Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student class are met, tutors can expect to receive their funds after the 5 day Demo Period. If there are questions about any of the conditions, payments may be delayed while LearnWithTutors attempts to resolve the questions.

A tutor shall be paid by account transfer only. (Payments shall be made at the bank account details provided by the tutors during the registration process or in the payment details provided in the tutors profile or after certification from LearnWithTutors. For any amendment, tutor may separately inform LearnWithTutors.)


Calculation of tutor payment amounts:

  1. Tutors set their own price per session- The tutors can set their price on the basis of per class. For every course duration slab, the students are entitled to bundle discounts on the total applicable tutor fees, as below :
    1. upto 30 classes – no discount
    2. 31 to 50 classes – 10% discount
    3. 51 to 70 classes – 15% discount
    4. 71 to 90 classes – 20% discount
    5. 91 to 110 classes – 25% discount
    6. 111 classes or more – 30% discount
  2. b) LearnWithTutors does not charge any commission from tutors. LearnWithTutors will charge a service fee @ 13% plus any taxes as may be applicable as per Government rules, to the students on every payment over and above the tutor’s fee i.e. Tutor’s Fee(or bundle discounted fee depending on course structure) + 13% service fee = Student’s Fees
  3. c) Non-tutoring charges should be incorporated into the per class price set by a tutor during registration itself. Travel, parking, prep time or other expenses that you wish to defray to the customer must first be agreed to by the student. The mechanism to assess these charges is to adjust your hourly rate or price per class. Under no circumstances should the tutor receive payments directly from the student, on any account.

Tutor Hiring Safety Tips

Understand that anyone who is able to commit identity theft can also falsify a profile, so we suggest you take the following steps for your own protection.

Review tutor profile

Go through the tutor profile in detail and ask questions if you have any doubts. You are also free to request outside references from the tutor.

Have an adult present

It is advised that an adult should always be present for tutoring sessions if the student is under the age of eighteen.

Keep personal information private